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5 Ways to Keep Holiday Packages Safe

packages on holiday doorstep
Online shopping is the new norm around the holidays. Be on the lookout for doorstep thieves.

It’s a mean sort of person who steals someone’s holiday cheer. Grinch or not, you can make some smart choices when it comes to keeping your deliveries safe this year.

1. Keep an Eye on Them…Electronically

There are lots of easily installed porch video cameras out there, some of which double as doorbells or speakers. You can install one and keep an eye on deliveries, and in some cases talk back to drivers or even remotely buzz open the door for them. Bonus: With a camera and speaker you can also have a little “chat” with would-be thieves if they approach your packages, thinking nobody is home. Some popular manufacturers include, Nest and Ring.

2. Have Them Delivered to a Secure Location

Whether you send packages to your workplace, a stay-at-home relative or neighbor’s house, or just a 3rd party pickup location like a rented PO Box or Amazon Pick Up locations, you can keep packages in secure spots and pick them up at your convenience.

3. Trim Back Stuff that Hides Your Front Porch

We all like our privacy, but when you have large bushes or just big “stuff” blocking your front door, it’s easy for thieves to sneak in and get close to your door without neighbors noticing. Either take the time to trim back large hedges so your door can be easily watched from the street, or keep the décor to a minimum to avoid offering would-be burglars easy cover.

4. Know What’s Coming

Did you know that you can get email alerts with any deliveries you have coming your way? So even if your Great Aunt sent you something as a surprise, you’ll know when it’s going to be showing up (and when to keep an eye out for it). The USPS offers daily updates with their “informed delivery” emails, and UPS and FedEx offer services that email you when you have a package on the way — all for free. Spend a little bit of money to pay to have packages redirected when you know you won’t be around for a while, and delivered to another location.

5. Try a Box-Protecting Gadget

If boxes have to be left alone for a while, enlist some smart tech like Box Lock which offers a secure spot (think a modern day milk box with a electronic lock) to have packages left. Or if you live in one of the first few dozen major cities to see the services, try Amazon Key or Amazon Key-In-Car to allow deliveries to be left in a secure, monitored location of your choice.

Hope your holiday is full of smiles!

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