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you face enough risks Your insurance program shouldn’t be one of them

Energy Production = Unique Risks

Energy production and transfer is risky business. Working with natural resources requires a complex assortment of equipment, personnel and expertise, all leading to unique challenges.

Workers in the oil and gas industry, for example, face more hazards than most. Confined spaces, safety hazards, flammable vapors and gasses all lead to dangerous work environments. These areas are more susceptible to OSHA investigations, fines and high workers’ compensation rates.


Claim Advocacy to Count On

One of our clients recently hired the product manufacturer of a water tank to apply a spray liner to the tank. Unfortunately, the tank failed and there was a claim filed in excess of $450,000. The carrier originally denied the claim. Our claim team worked with the carrier to bring in a higher-level management team who did agree to mediate and settle the claim.

“My name is Tim Ondrak and I am part of the Alamo Pressure Pumping team. Alamo provides hydraulic fracturing services in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, and like any oil field services company, our ability to be properly insured can make or break our business. We have placed our insurance business (from our general coverage to employee benefits) with PayneWest and been thoroughly impressed with the service we have  gotten. The resources and education that have been provided to me and my team have been invaluable. PayneWest always responds immediately and fully addresses any issues we have, even fulfilling requests for last minute Certificates of Insurance.”


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