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Served With A Lawsuit


Time is of the essence.

Note the date you were served and the method of service, e.g., by mail or by personal delivery.

Call your PayneWest Insurance agent to advise you’ve been served with a lawsuit and provide the agent with a copy of the Summons and Complaint.

If you have documents pertaining to the situation leading up to the lawsuit, secure and retain them.


Discuss the matter with anyone other than your PayneWest Insurance agent, insurance company adjuster, or the attorney hired to defend you.



An adjuster will be assigned to the file and will contact you to discuss the facts leading up to the filing of a lawsuit and may, with your permission, record the conversation. Answer the adjuster’s questions to the best of your ability and recollection.

  • Do not guess — if you don’t know an answer, say so.
  • If your conversation is recorded, obtain a transcript and retain it for future reference.
  • The adjuster will analyze coverage. If any of the allegations in the lawsuit are covered, an attorney should be assigned to defend you at no cost to you.
  • If there are any questions about whether coverage applies, the adjuster must advise you, in writing, of the specific issues and cite the specific policy provisions involved.
  • As the litigation process proceeds, you may receive requests to produce documents, answer questions, attend meetings and comment on a proposed settlement. Your attorney should assist you through all these proceedings, which may be very time consuming.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time during this process, call PayneWest Insurance for assistance.

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