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Client Advisory: Increasing Cyber Risks in the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry – including trucking, freight forwarders, railroads, airplanes, automobiles, transit systems, boats, and even drones – is highly susceptible to costly cyber-attacks.  There is a high degree of reliance on a wide range of third-parties, all of which have their own IT solutions. This creates multiple points of vulnerability. According to the 2020 ESI Thoughtlab report, the average estimated probability of suffering a successful breach in the transportation industry is 45 percent. A successful breach on any kind of transportation system has a potentially disastrous impact both inside and outside the industry. Since transportation success is so critically time-dependent and the supply chain is so deeply interconnected, any disruption that causes downtime for any piece of it creates a potential disaster for the whole system. That is why it is so important to have a comprehensive cyber risk and management strategy in place to defend your organization from a cyber incident.

This white paper explains how COVID-19 has made existing problems within the transportation industry even worse, the key cyber risks facing the industry, how to prepare for and manage cyber risk and how MMA is ready to help.


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