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Colleagues Paying it Forward

At PayneWest our mission is simple – take good care of our clients, colleagues and communities – our 3 C’s.

We have tens of thousands of the first, 650 or so of the second, and 30 of the third.  And whenever we can link our 3 C’s together – we do it!  That’s exactly how our anniversary program got started way back in 2007.  We know we’re not much without our colleagues (we have the very best in the business), so we make a practice of celebrating milestone employment anniversaries.  I know what you’re thinking… every company celebrates employee anniversaries.  True enough – but we do it a bit differently at PayneWest Insurance.  (Don’t worry – we still have cake for the really big anniversaries and have no plans to give that up!)  What we do that is unique is we acknowledge our colleague’s anniversaries by giving to their favorite charity in honor of their time with us.  And no one even misses the lapel pins we used to give!

A month or two before a milestone anniversary we ask them what charity is near and dear to them, and most importantly, why.  The stories this exercise evokes are really something else.  Here’s what happens to me when I read them… I get a lump in my throat, my nose runs a bit (sorry!), and my eyes water.  More simply put – I cry.  But it’s a good cry!  I’d like to share a few of these stories with you…

When John Neer of our Richland, Washington, office celebrated his 25-year anniversary with PWI this past August he chose Cork’s Place at The Chaplaincy.  PayneWest made a gift of $500 to Cork’s Place in John’s honor.

“Cork’s Place is a program offered to children ages 3 to 18 who are going through the grieving process after losing a loved one.  It’s hard enough as an adult to go through all the emotions that come with any death and to compound this with being a young person and not having any of life’s experiences to lean on, makes it so much more difficult.”
-John Neer                                                                                 


When Stacey Anderson of our Madras, Oregon, office celebrated her 10-year anniversary with PWI this past October she chose Kid’s Club of Jefferson County.  PayneWest made a gift of $150 to Kid’s Club in Stacey’s honor.

“Kid’s Club is such a valuable resource for working parents in this community. They offer great programs and camps all year long for the children of Jefferson County.  They make this working mom feel comfortable because I know my children are being taken care of in a safe and loving environment. The staff at Kid’s Club is amazing and my children love to go to each day after school and during the summer.”
-Stacey Anderson                                                                                                                                


When Belinda Kaufman of our Billings, Montana, office celebrated her 5-year anniversary with PWI this past May she chose the Ramsey Keller Memorial.  PayneWest made a gift of $100 to them in her honor.

“They raise funds to help families in Montana pay for funeral costs of babies under the age of one. Even if it’s not a financial hardship for the family, they believe no one should have to write a check for their child’s funeral. Taking the financial burden off of heartbroken Montana families is their passion. I learned of this foundation through unfortunate means, as my best friend lost her niece at birth. Their family has also been able to use this foundation as a platform of continuous group support. My donation is in memory of baby Lea (2014) and her mother, Candice (2015).”
-Belinda Kaufman 


When Colin Dow of our Boise, Idaho, office celebrated his 1 year anniversary with PWI this past September he chose WITCO Inc.  PayneWest made a gift of $50 to them in his honor.

“I recently joined this non-profit board. Their mission is to assist people with mental and physical disabilities live healthy and productive lives, primarily by way of helping them find gainful employment and integrating into their community. It’s pretty near and dear to my heart given that I have an older brother with Downs Syndrome whose life is radically better than it would be otherwise because he works, owns a home and lives his life the way he wants to. He’s a remarkable human being!”
-Colin Dow


Did I mention we have amazing colleagues at PayneWest?  The above stories are only a few of many, many more.  To read more, and to learn about the many organizations our colleagues support, please visit

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