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Compensation Disclosure Statement

PayneWest Insurance, Inc. does business with multiple insurance companies, and is a legally appointed agent of such companies in states that require an appointment. We are generally compensated by insurance companies in the form of commissions, incentive payments, and fees. This disclosure notice is intended to describe those compensation methods.

PayneWest Insurance partners with Bindable, LLC to obtain insurance quote information. While using our this site, you may be redirected to their page. We encourage you to read their Quoting & Compensation Disclosure here.


We are compensated for the sale of an insurance product on a commission basis by the insurance company that provides the insurance. The amount of commission is a percentage of premium set by the insurance company, not by us. The insurers’ commission expense is included as a part of the insurance premium you pay.


Incentive Payments

In addition to commissions, we may also receive other compensation from insurers based on the volume and profitability of their insurance products we sell.



Depending on state law, we might charge our clients a fee, in addition to receiving commission income from insurers, or in lieu of receiving a commission. Any fee we collect from you would be subject to a separately negotiated written agreement so the amount of those fees and services to be provided will be disclosed in advance.  We do not charge you any fees for placing your policy, except, when quoted, a fee for the filing of surplus lines taxes, if required.



We earn interest on premiums received from clients and forwarded to the insurer(s) through our bank accounts, as well as premium finance fees, if applicable.


We assure every client and every prospective client that our decisions with respect to placement of your insurance have always been and will continue to be guided by the best interests of our clients.

If you have any questions or if you would like additional information about any aspect of the compensation we earn on your account, please contact your local account manager or sales executive.

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