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Identify, address, and revisit Your clients’ risks

Protect the Wealth You’ve Helped Your Clients Build


As a financial advisor, you are experiencing rapid changes in client expectations. Like many other financial advisors in your industry you are looking for new ways to add value and grow your businesses. One way to tackle that challenge: understand and address your clients’ property and casualty (P&C) needs.

If something happens, do you know if your client has adequate protection?  If not, their financial goals could be at risk. Those are the goals you helped them set.


Your Clients May Not Be Fully Protected


70% of clients have never had an assessment on their home*

Free, comprehensive insurance audit for your clients

Risk assessments and other checklists


In a recent survey, we found that 77% of successful individuals expected their financial advisors to understand and point out risks they faced, such as inadequate car, homeowner’s, or personal liability coverage. However, only 28% of financial advisors provide that service. By supporting your clients’ insurance needs, both you and your clients benefit.

*Source: 2018 Oliver Wyman Research
“The Overlooked Gap in Financial Advice: How financial advisors can protect clients whose wealth may be at risk due to gaps in Property and Casualty coverage.”

4 Ways Your Client’s Financial Goals Could Be at Risk

  1. Gaps in Coverage –  Do you know how to properly evaluate your clients risks and coverage gaps?  Do you do it annually?  It is especially important to revisit clients’ coverage when their financial situation changes or grows. Successful families and individuals expect their financial advisors to address their complete financial picture, including protecting them from risks.
  2. Actual Home Valuation vs Replacement Cost – Do you and your client understand the true cost to replace their home and all of the possessions, furniture, and valuables in it?  High-value and custom homes are unique and in many cases in need special coverage.
  3. Growing Cyber Risks – If your client’s information was stolen or held for ransom would your client know what to do next?  Cyber Risks are increasing for successful individuals. Thankfully there are coverage and policies to provide peace of mind.
  4. International Liability – Many successful individuals travel, work, and live abroad. They maybe be surprised to find out that they may not be covered when traveling outside the US. (see article or resource – from Carrier or write with Garrett)

You don’t need to be an expert in these areas; you can bring value to your clients by partnering with a trusted agent who can navigate these challenges. Financial advisors should take a holistic approach in order to fully protect their clients from the assets they’ve worked so hard to accrue.


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