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How to Insure Your Perfect Day

Groom placing a ring on a woman's finger
Say "I do" to wedding coverage.

You’ve probably spent a year (or more) thinking about your wedding. From dress to dessert, there’s ultimately a lot of moving parts that have to work together to make your party perfect. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot that can go wrong—things that are completely out of your control. Wedding insurance is a great way to take care of any big problems and protect your investment as well!


What Does Wedding Insurance Do?

This type of insurance protects the soon-to-be married couple in the event that something out of their control occurs. Some potentially covered scenarios include:

  • Destruction of the wedding dress.
  • Weather that makes the wedding site inaccessible.
  • Injury of a key member of the wedding party that requires a postponement of the wedding.
  • Damage to the venue by an intoxicated wedding guest.
  • The caterer pulls out from the reception at the last minute.
  • The best man is taking care of the wedding bands, but they’re stolen.
  • One of your very expensive wedding gifts is stolen from the reception site.
  • Some policies will even cover situations where military service prevents the bride or groom from being present.

In these cases, it’s possible that the right wedding policy would be able to reimburse the bride and groom for the loss and damages (minus the deductible on the policy).


What Doesn’t it Cover?

Wedding insurance appears really great, but it’s not 100 percent failsafe. Be sure you talk to your agent about what is and isn’t covered by your specific policy.

  • If you’ve got a bit of cold feet and cancel the wedding, policies won’t give you a refund.
  • Wedding insurance also usually won’t cover gemstones, like those in your engagement ring, or special wedding jewelry.
  • It won’t cover a simple rain storm; even if you plan an outside ceremony.
  • It also won’t cover if you make changes to your plans, like moving the site of the reception to a new venue. That’s a decision you are in control of and made yourself. So make sure to be positive you like your plans before you book a space or vendor.


Types of Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance can include both liability (say, if your guests break a valuable piece of furniture at the vintage venue site) or cancellation coverage (if you need to postpone the wedding because the venue has a fire just days prior). Some policies include both types of coverage. Talk to your PayneWest agent to determine what kind of coverage best fits your needs.


Your Venue may Require Wedding Insurance

When you book a reception space, some venues require that you also obtain wedding insurance in advance of your big day. The good news is most wedding insurance policies are very affordable and easily obtained.



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