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Personal Colleagues

Brett Arnold Sales Executive 406-869-4421
Brian Daubert Sales Director 406-869-4404
Kristina Domaille Account Manager 406-238-1994
Michelle Evans Development Specialist 406-869-4423
Tamise Green Senior Account Manager 406-238-1946
J'Den Harmala Account Manager 406-238-1998
Rene Herman Account Manager 406-869-4425
Jenny Maroncelli Account Manager 406-238-1947
Jesse McKee Sales Executive 406-238-1961
Cindy Paul Client Manager 406-238-1919
Troy Stowe Sales Executive 406-238-1939
Paulette Wengeler Sales Executive 406-238-1948
Mckenzie White Sales Executive

Business Colleagues

Dawn Achten Senior Customer Service Agent 406-655-7940
Sherryl Adam Account Manager 406-794-0156
Nate Allie Sales Executive 406-238-1910
Richard Begger Sales Executive 406-869-4410
Amy Blackard Senior Account Manager 406-869-4441
Jocelyn Born Support Specialist 406-869-4436
Wendy Brown Development Specialist 406-655-7940
Kierstan Brozovich Account Associate 406-869-4407
Sam Cade Support Specialist 406-238-1928
Kayce Carns Account Manager 406-869-4408
Jessica Castro Account Manager 406-794-0159
Karlee Castro Account Manager 406-869-4433
Brandi Costin Support Specialist 406-794-0143
Matt Drange Sales Executive 406-860-6240
Renee Dyer Senior Account Manager 406-238-1986
Caitlin Finnicum Client Manager 406-238-1996
Andrea Galt Senior Account Manager 406-238-1930
Shasta Grant Account Associate 406-869-4418
Nate Halter Account Manager
Jodi Harper Client Manager 406-794-0152
Jessi Hinkley Customer Service Agent 480-369-4355
Brady Hoiness Sales Executive 406-238-1952
Chris Hoiness Sales Executive 406-238-1925
Devan Hoiness Sales Executive 406-238-1917
Julia Holman Account Manager 406-238-1944
Doug Jensen Sales Executive 406-238-1938
Dena Johnson Sales Executive 406-238-1992
Paul Kmosena Senior Account Manager 406-238-1912
Rase Kurth Customer Service Agent 406-655-7940
Debbie Livermore Account Manager 406-556-4607
Amber Maestas Account Manager 406-869-4412
Casey McGowan Sales Executive 406-869-4413
Jana McMillan Senior Account Manager 406-869-4427
Susan McNulty Account Manager 406-869-4439
Gabe Means Sales Executive 406-238-1956
Chase Morehouse Account Manager 406-869-4426
Renee Newhall Account Manager 406-794-0153
Lucy Normandeau Senior Account Manager 406-238-1926
Yvette Olson Client Manager 406-238-1920
Hayden Peters Account Manager 406-869-4403
Danette Plourde Senior Account Manager 406-869-4446
Kara Redman Account Manager 406-238-1929
Luke Reinschmidt Sales Executive 406-869-4447
John Roberts Sales Executive 406-238-1931
Kristi Rodgers Account Manager 406-238-1933
Don Ruesch Sales Executive 406-794-0146
Jaci Ruesch Client Manager 406-794-0154
Ann Salisbury Account Associate 406-869-4417
Rhonda Schultz Client Manager 406-238-1964
Amy Simpson Client Manager 406-238-1937
Karly South Account Associate 406-869-4409
Aaron Stieg Sales Executive 406-794-0148
Walt Stieg Sales Executive 406-794-0144
Anna Sudduth Account Manager 406-794-0147
Cindy Thelen Account Manager 406-238-1927
Melissa Thompson Client Relations Director 406-869-4443
Shawna Tjaaland Account Manager 406-869-4405
Jamie Toombs Account Manager 406-238-1972
Jim Watson Sales Trainer 406-238-1906
Donna Winchell Senior Account Manager 406-238-1922

Employee Health & Benefits Colleagues

Meagan Ashcraft Client Manager 406-238-1978
Ashli Carlson Project Manager 406-869-4437
Morgan Covington Account Manager 406-869-4438
Matt Hardy Sales Executive 406-238-1904
Shannon Jensen Sales Executive 406-238-1957
Angie Johnson Client Executive 406-238-1963
Troy Kane Managing Director 406-238-1990
Katelyn Robbins Account Manager 406-238-1995
Meagan Schiffer Client Manager 406-238-1982
Brittany Thelen Senior Account Manager 406-238-1984
Heather Wagner Senior Account Manager 406-238-1905
Deb Zimbelman Account Manager 406-869-4430

Surety Colleagues

Brandi Davis Account Manager 406-238-1907
Naomi Gerber Senior Account Manager 406-238-1914
Al Hultgren Sales Executive 406-238-1911


Steven Bauer Financial Planning & Analysis Manager 406-238-1909
Bob Borsvold Administrative Associate 406-238-1902
Cody Brockel Digital Marketing Coordinator 406-869-4431
Kyle Brucker Managing Director of Technology 406-238-1988
Pam Chapin Administrative Associate 406-238-1953
Lauren Dowling Graphic Designer 406-238-1954
Debbie Farnsworth Account Receivable Specialist 406-238-1987
Belinda Kaufman Senior Marketing Coordinator 406-238-1969
Melissa Koch-Wittman Marketing Project Manager 406-238-1923
Keri Lockwood Agency Bill Specialist 406-794-0158
Aaron Martin Multimedia Producer 406-794-0158
Kim Peterson Direct Bill Specialist 406-238-1942
Robyn Rupprecht Payroll Administrator 406-238-1936
Vicki-Lynn Terpstra Senior Marketing Manager 406-238-1985
Jeremy Vannatta Managing Director of Marketing & Communications 406-238-1991


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