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3 Reasons to Get Life Insurance

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Life insurance is an important purchase to plan out carefully.

So you’ve said the vows, cut the cake and now it’s a good idea to get life insurance immediately after the ceremony. Okay, maybe not immediately after. Go on that honeymoon, relax with your new spouse… but shortly after you let all the alcohol and wedding cake get flushed out of your system, buy some life insurance. Here’s why:

Reason #1: You are probably in the best shape you’ll ever be in again.

After months of dieting and exercise to fit into that tux or dress, your blood work is going to look really attractive to life insurance companies. Your weight is down, your cholesterol is down and your blood pressure is down. Your premiums will be down, too!

Reason #2: You’re not getting any younger.

Another day, another day older. As we age, starting a life insurance policy becomes more and more expensive! If life insurance has been on your radar, you better get it now as each year adds more premium. If you lock in a rate when you are young, you will be much happier paying your bill when you are in your golden years.

Reason #3: “In sickness and in health…” and even in untimely accidents.

The death of a spouse is devastating and it’s the last thing you want to think about, so turn it around. What would your spouse do without you? Would they be able to work, take care of children, or pay the bills? Life happens, and unfortunately, death happens. There is a way to secure your family’s future, whether you are there or not. Also, many life insurance policies have endorsements that allow you to collect funds if you should become terminally ill so that you’d still be able to provide for your family.


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