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What Insurance Does

By Kyle Lingscheit

Sometimes things happen that provide perspective about what we do for a living. The flooding in many of our communities is one of those eye opening reminders of what our purpose is. Tragedy can cause reflection on what our business is all about. I know we often get so caught up in the day to day of our business activities that we forget about the purpose of what we do.

So why are we in the insurance business? We tend to see a lot of tragedy through the personal lens of each and every client. It may be clients with long-term health issues, clients whose businesses are failing, clients who have been in a severe accident or clients who have lost their sole provider. The list goes on and on. It doesn’t matter which line of business you represent, you have the opportunity to witness many of life’s up’s and down’s.

What insurance does is allows for us to help people in many ways. We can help reduce their risk to avoid major losses. We can also be there for them if and when they do have a major loss. We have a unique insight to what people go through in their lives that gives us compassion for the challenges people face every day. What we do is provide the means to help people from being financially devastated when they do experience a loss. Without insurance, it would be a very different world. We are the engine that makes the economic machine work. We have the ability to save the financial lives of the clients we serve. Most of them don’t know that until they experience a loss.

We are seeing firsthand how historic flooding has impacted many of our clients, colleagues and communities. We are also seeing how quickly things can change. Most importantly, we are seeing the human compassion within our communities.

We know these floods are going to impact many of our clients and we will do everything we can to take care of them. It is about more than just insurance. PayneWest has taken additional steps to try to help these impacted communities. We delivered a truckload of bottled water to Red Lodge as well as four pick-up trucks of toilet paper, paper towels and other essentials. We have worked with some of our carrier partners to gather donations for more supplies. We have commitments from Travelers for $1,000 and Safeco donated $10,000 for the cause. It’s very early, but we are working on doing more and gathering more funds. It is just what we do.

When you really think about it, our business gives us a wonderful opportunity to help others in so many different ways. I think all of us have learned to be compassionate just because of what we do for a living. It’s nice to know the compassion we have in this business goes above and beyond just providing insurance.

I don’t know about you, but I’m proud to be in a business that does so much for so many.


Encore 2022 Award Winners


Business Insurance New Sales

  1. Travis Davis
  2. Ryan Elliott
  3. Jeff Widdows

Business Insurance Net Growth

  1. Jeff Widdows
  2. Travis Davis
  3. Adam Guyton

Rookie of the Year: Kyle Womach

Horizon Award: Casey Lund


Employee Health & Benefits New Sales

  1. Shaun McChesney
  2. Matt Henderson
  3. Darrell Strong

Employee Health & Benefits New Growth

  1. Pat Harlin
  2. Shaun McChesney
  3. Matt Henderson

Horizon Award: Katie Gleich


Personal Insurance New Sales

  1. Renzy Kelly
  2. Garrett Hall
  3. Mark Gilman

Personal Insurance Net Growth

  1. Garrett Hall
  2. Jason Johnston
  3. Mark Gilman

Rookie of the Year: Leah Hill

Horizon Award: Jason Johnston


Small Business New Sales

  1. Dusty Harris
  2. Nicole Obrist
  3. Gabe Means

Small Business Net Growth

  1. Dusty Harris
  2. Gabe Means
  3. Nicole Obrist

Rookie of the Year: Gabe Means

Horizon Award: Matt Hedstrom


Surety New Sales

  1. Tyler McIntyre
  2. Jim Majeskey
  3. Mike Button


Carrier Partner of the Year

  • Molly Rondeau, Chubb (Business Insurance)
  • Ellen Underwood, Cigna (Employee Health & Benefits)
  • Craig Beeson, Safeco Insurance (Personal Insurance)
  • Carol Crosswhite, Swiss RE (Surety)
  • Safeco Insurance (Claims)


Chairman’s Award: Jedean Corpron

Career Achievement Award: Pat McCutcheon




Certificates and Designations

  • Debbie Adams–Accredited Customer Service Representative (ACSR)
  • Whitney Brown–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program
  • Jennifer Chabotte–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Madelyn Cyr–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS) Small Business Coverage Specialist (SBCS) Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS)
  • Travis Davis–Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)
  • Heather Eichholtz–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program MMAU EH&B Bachelor’s Program
  • Julie Fender–MMAU EH&B Bachelor’s Program
  • Amy Fladland–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program & Personal Lines Coverage Specialist (PLCS)
  • Corby Guse–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program
  • Cheyenne Heizenroder–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Nequia Hicks–Small Business Coverage Specialist (SBCS)
  • Peter Howard–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program
  • Katie Hutcheon–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Chris Ivie–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Alysa Johns–MMAU EH&B Bachelor’s Program
  • Dia Johnson–MMAU EH&B Bachelor’s Program
  • Veronica Jones–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Amy Knapp–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program
  • Theresa Koch–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program MMAU EH&B Bachelor’s Program
  • Meghan Larsen–MMAU EH&B Bachelor’s Program
  • Renae Martin–Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS)
  • Thomas McArdle–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Jana McMillan–Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS)
  • Beth Miller–Associate in Insurance Services (AIS)
  • Brian Miller–MMAU EH&B Bachelor’s Program
  • Jon Mitchell–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program
  • Scott Paske–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Jay Pollman–Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (CRIS)
  • Jennifer Schreiber–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Julie Shaw–Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS)
  • Roxann Shuck–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program
  • Lisa Sickles–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program
  • Karly South–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Candace St. Pierre–Personal Lines Coverage Specialist (PLCS)
  • Todd Stradley–Small Business Coverage Specialist (SBCS)
  • Kristi Tanner–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program
  • Shawna Tjaaland–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Daisy Tran–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program
  • Chandler Wiese–Qualified Commercial Lines Specialist (QCLS)
  • Carol Williams–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program
  • Melissa Wilson–MMAU Private Clients Services Bachelor’s Program



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