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Protect Your Comic Books with Collector Insurance

Comic book spines
Comic books collections can be every bit as valuable as jewelry or art, which is why it's important to have the right coverage.

If you’ve spent years putting together an impressive collection of your favorite obsession, it’s important to protect what you’ve built. And while homeowner’s or renter’s insurance can protect valuables that are easily appraised, like jewelry and electronics, the market for pop culture collections can change hourly.

To protect your high-value pop collectibles like a large comic book collection, collector insurance is key. It’s important to align with a partner that really know the depths of risk that the common collector faces every day.


Who should consider comic collector insurance?

This type of policy is for long term collectors who are looking to protect their investment while continuing to add to their holdings. Most covered collections begin at a total valuation of $10,000, so small collections aren’t great candidates for insurance like this. Some of the best candidates for comic & pop culture media insurance are passionate collectors who are very hands-on with their valuables, and who take great care of each and every item.


Collector insurance vs. regular homeowners insurance

PayneWest agent Rob Swallow, pictured with a small piece of his personal comic collection.

Where customized homeowners or auto insurance policies can cover a wide range of potential disasters, they often deal with easily-replaced items. While homeowner’s policies can replace stolen electronics or furniture lost in a fire with new items that can serve the same purpose, it is often nearly impossible to replace a one-of-a-kind vintage item damaged past its initial “mint” condition.

Collector insurance policies, like the one PayneWest personal insurance sales executive Rob Swallow specializes in by partnering with Bluewater Insurance, can cover particular aspects of collections like high-value comic books or pop culture media. An avid comic collector himself, Swallow knows a lot of the ups and downs of amassing a serious collection.

“You might insure an antique ring and if it burns you get X amount in payment that is set at the time it’s added to your policy,” notes Swallow. “But with these types of collections, the value is constantly changing in the market. Collector insurance like policies from Bluewater can protect your collection at its full market value.”


How does collector insurance protect your valuables?

Collector insurance works in ways that are unique to the challenges collectors often face. Since policyholders are frequently adding to their holdings, it’s key for their insurance to protect their items along every step of the journey.

Comic collector insurance from Bluewater covers your comics:

  • While in transit for valuation, so even if they’re lost (or stolen) on the way to get appraised, you’re covered.
  • While you’re transporting them from a point of purchase, so if they’re damaged in your car on the way home from an estate sale or store, you’re covered.
  • While you’re waiting for items to arrive in your home — for up to 90 days. Great when you order a new item online or at a convention.
  • Across multiple locations, so if you keep some of your collection in a safety deposit box, some at home, and some at another location, your entire collection is covered.
  • While you take some of your collection to show it off, such as at a convention or other collector gatherings.
  • While you’re away from home, so don’t worry if you leave your collectables at home while you travel.
  • Even if they’re lost (aka “mysterious disappearance”) in circumstances that some homeowner’s policies will not cover.

Most of all, collector insurance is set up by knowledgeable staff like Rob who know the pain points of collecting, from that one that got away, to the one the puppy found delicious.


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