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Protect Your New Christmas Toys!

Man in front of Christmas tree stuffing envelopes
Take inventory of your new Christmas gifts to add to your home policy.

It makes for a fun movie, but nobody wants a Home Alone situation, where bandits are taking away all your new Christmas gifts while you’re away visiting the relatives. Instead, make sure that you’ve taken steps to insure and protect your new Christmas valuables with these quick tips from our experts.

If you’ve received or given some great gifts: Oh what fun! Here’s what you should you do next.

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“The first thing you should do is take pictures, document the purchase, add it to your household inventory guide, and contact your insurance agent to make sure your policy doesn’t exclude or limit the amount of coverage you have on your renters or home insurance policy,” said Scott Sherbourne, Sales Director at PayneWest.

“Keep in mind, no two insurance policies or insurance companies are the same,” he said. “Every renters and home insurance policy has limits and coverage for certain personal property such as guns, currency, jewelry, collectibles, etc.”

“Furthermore, most un-endorsed home insurance policies exclude mysterious disappearance, flood damage, and earthquake damage to personal property,” he added.

Before you think Oh, I’ll deal with that later in the new year, remember that there’s always an uptick in crime during the holidays.

“All you need is a receipt or an appraisal to add personal property to a home policy,” he said. “Some policies don’t require additional coverage or premium. A short email or call to confirm is well worth the time. Keep your receipts or records of purchases. The burden of proof, including the value of the item is on the insured (that’s you) not the insurance company.”

You’ll want to protect those new purchases from the moment you take them home. If you’ve got a big ticket gift already wrapped and under the tree, think about giving us a call or email today.

“You need to speak with a PayneWest colleague and/or directly to the insurance company. Be sure to obtain a copy of the email form from the PayneWest colleague or insurance company providing the time and coverage requested.”

Want to stay protected this holiday? Our PayneWest agents are ready to make sure your home and its contents are safe. Call Scott Sherbourne, or one of our other helpful agents and update your policy today.


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