COVID-19 Restaurant Closure

Since every restaurant is different in its design and complexity, it is impossible to establish standardized procedure for partial or full closure for all restaurants. We have compiled a list of things to consider when taking necessary steps to close your restaurant temporarily. Taking these steps now will help you get your kitchen back up and running quickly when you’re ready to reopen.

Many large losses are attributable to incidents that occur after working hours or when a property is closed. Most of these losses can be prevented by a careful check of the premises at the time of closing, and periodically during the closure.


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Below are some best practices and suggestions to consider when preparing for partial or full closure:

Shut off water heaters.

Shut off gas hookups to equipment.

Check for gas leaks.

Maintain HVAC in the 50’s but in the event of extreme changes in temperature this may need to be adjusted with periodic checks of the facility.

Remove grease from frying units and thoroughly clean.

Move remaining food to walk-in coolers/freezers.

Flush beer taps.

Cover and seal liquor bottles.

Ensure all trash and towels/rags used for cleaning grease have been removed from the building.

Establish a “rapid response” team to assist fire or police, in the event that they should be called to the site.

Establish a communication tree for the shutdown and communicate to all employees. Advise employees that if the information does not come from those identified on the communication tree, they should verify the information with the appropriate contact.