Re-Opening Healthcare Facilities for Non-Emergent Care

As the country begins to see greater stabilization in surge levels within hospitals and a lower incidence of COVID-19 cases, healthcare facilities can begin implementing plans to reopen care sites for patients needing non-emergent, non-COVID-19 healthcare. Postponed elective procedures, chronic disease care and preventive care will restart in a phased approach.


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Healthcare facilities should understand guidelines to ensure their workforce and patients remain safe. Once organizations meet Federal Gating Criteria, state and regional preparedness responsibilities, postponed or delayed care can resume, as clinically appropriate.

Note: Each state is instituting their own phasing guidelines. Please refer to the state specific guidelines and the specific services that are resuming within each phase.

If healthcare systems or clinicians have flexibility to re-start clinically, necessary care for patients with non-COVID-19 needs or complex chronic disease management requirements they should consider the following guidance from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to ensure the safety of their employees and patients.


General Considerations


Personal Protective Equipment


Workforce Availability


Facility Considerations


Sanitation Protocols




Testing Capacity


All facilities should continually evaluate whether their region remains a low risk of incidence and should be prepared to cease non-essential procedures if there is a surge in COVID-19 cases.