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Where Does Your Organization Stand on Cyber Security?

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Surveys suggest as many as 50 percent of business owners have been victimized by an online security threat.

As many know all too well, the cyber threat risk landscape has become even more difficult to navigate over the past few months. From remote work vulnerabilities, supply chain interruptions, increased reliance on technology providers, and the enhanced, sophisticated attacks we’ve seen in the headlines, PayneWest and MMA are increasingly focused on assisting you through these challenges in the Moments that Matter.

We’ve seen many cyber insurers imposing minimum security control requirements in order to provide cyber insurance coverage terms. Because of this, we’ve partnered with Arete Advisors to summarize the top 10 cyber security hygiene recommendations to help improve your cyber security posture and better prepare your organization for the cyber insurance marketplace.


Top 10 security controls for the insured

One of the security controls being requested by these insurers is enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all users at an organization. This process uses two or more different credentialing protocols for access to your resources. You may be asking, why should you care, and what exactly is MFA? For answers to these questions and more, read out report on the subject below.


MFA Whitepaper

Please feel free to reach out to your PayneWest representative for assistance with these proactive tools and resources or to provide a deeper dive into understanding how cyber insurance can help your organization. If you already have cyber insurance, please also reach out to understand the current nuances in today’s hardened cyber insurance market to be better positioned for your renewal program.


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