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Wildfire Health & Claim Information

wildfire in mountains


While summertime in the Pacific Northwest can be beautiful, it can often bring about increased danger of wildfires. In the event of a wildfire in our near your home, it’s important to know the steps for evacuation and filing a claim.

What to do

If your home sustains smoke or fire damage:

  • Report the loss. If you have a personal insurance claim, contact your carrier directly to report the loss. You can expedite the process by providing crucial information such as policy numbers, date of incidents, and as much detail about the damage as possible. Take photos of the damage if you’re able to, but don’t risk personal safety to do so.
  • Mitigate damages. Once the fire is out and it is safe to return, take preventive steps to ensure your property is protected against future damage.
  • Keep receipts. If you incur costs for meals, hotels, or other expenses due to evacuation, keep all your receipts to submit to your adjuster for consideration.

Note: Do not make any commitment to payments without first speaking with your adjuster.

What to expect

The adjuster assigned to your case will contact you to review the facts surrounding the incident and may, with your permission, record the conversation. Answer the questions to the best of your ability.

  • The carrier may send an appraiser to prepare a scope of damage and complete repair estimate. You should be present for this inspection and ensure that the appraiser is aware of all areas of damage.
  • Engage a contractor of your choice to prepare a scope of damage and repair estimate. Provide your contractor with a copy of the appraiser’s estimate. Note that you have the right to have repairs completed by a contractor of your choice.
  • If your contractor will not complete repairs for the amount of the estimate, the contractor and appraiser should meet to resolve the differences. If they are unable to reach an agreement, contact us for further assistance.

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