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Alternative Risk

Are you a viable candidate For a captive insurance solution

Alternative Risk Transfer and captive insurance options are continuing to increase in popularity. Currently, we are seeing the topic presented to mid-sized business owners by investment advisors, bankers, accountants, legal counsel as well as insurance agents.

Not every firm is a viable candidate for a captive insurance solution. In fact, few companies truly qualify to make the leap from the traditional insurance model.

At PayneWest, as we work with our clients, we see a variety of scenarios. Some clients are a candidate for a captive solution today. Some clients are better suited for traditional insurance solutions. And some firms conclude that they are not currently a candidate for a captive solution, but with focused work they plan for a future transition by gaining control over their claims, lowering loss ratios, adopting best practice loss control techniques, perfecting processes, etc.

To start or join a captive is to become an owner in your own insurance company. Making the decision to move away from the traditional insurance market to a captive requires thoughtful consideration of your situation and goals, identification of your risk tolerance, financial analysis and a knowledgeable team.

PayneWest employs and works with captive specialists who can help company leadership determine if a captive insurance solution is right for their firm. We will be with you every step of the way, from viability study to shareholder meeting.

Captive types:

  • 831(a)
  • 831(b)
  • Single parent
  • Group
  • Association
  • Employee benefits
  • Stop loss

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