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Let's get down to your business It's what we do best.

PayneWest Insurance doesn’t just know business, we know your business. In fact, in makes up the biggest part of our clients. So when it comes to knowing about your specific industry, chances are we have colleagues ready to work directly with you to navigate the specific risks you face. With PayneWest, you’ll have a team assigned to you.

So how will working with PayneWest be different?

We start with a process that helps us better understand your unique challenges and practices. PayneWest works with very specially focused companies so we know the inherent risks in the industry. But we go beyond those assumptions — listening, walking, learning – to ultimately understand. Giving answers is easy. Asking the right questions is hard. Yet that’s just what our PayneWest colleagues do to completely understand.

Once we understand, we begin applying our knowledge and experience to create a plan specific to your company. And our plan doesn’t just include insurance products. We are among the best trained agents and insurance professionals in the business. We know the ins and outs of coverage types. We include our Loss Control team to mitigate risk before it happens. And if a claim does come up, we involve our industry-leading Claims Team – a group who has reversed $8 million dollars in denied claims over the last 5 years. And all this is backed by our most experienced client relations team.

At PayneWest, we like to say we’re fiercely independent. As an independent broker, we’re not locked down to one specific insurer or type of coverage. Often that leads to better value and smarter strategies, but always that leads to options and advocacy.

Finally, there’s presence of service. There’s a good chance PayneWest colleagues are in your community which affords us a certain luxury – like being able to meet you on your time at your place. Our presence makes us more accessible and accountable. It’s reassuring to our clients.  So when we say, see you in 15 minutes – we mean it.

Understanding, knowledge, independence and presence. Four elements that collectively signify how we bring the right elements together to craft great insurance and strong, beneficial relationships. That results in superior guidance. That leads to the right coverage to ensure you win.

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