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Have You Lost Health Insurance? Know Your Options

If you’ve lost your employer coverage, here are some things you need to know.


  • COBRA. If you have been offered COBRA, or have access to coverage through a parent or spouse, it’s worth investigating those options as they’re likely to offer better coverage and/or have a lower cost to you than individual health insurance plans.
  • Purchasing an individual policy. If you need to purchase an individual policy, you must either a) have a qualifying event/loss of qualified coverage, or b) enroll during the annual open enrollment (Nov-Dec each year). Not sure if you’ve had a qualifying event? Click this link below to take a short survey.


If I qualify for special enrollment… now what?

You can view your options by going to your state’s health insurance marketplace.

These websites will show you the plans that are available in your area, their benefits and costs, and they can help you determine if you’re eligible for an income tax credit, to help offset your premium costs.  You will just need to enter a few pieces of information such as your home zip code, birth date and estimated income (if you think you might be eligible for a tax credit). If you’re looking for coverage for family members, you can enter their information as well.


Am I eligible for a tax credit?

Income tax credits are offered to individuals who meet certain income thresholds, as detailed in the chart below.

Household size 2020 Income range to receive a tax credit

(2021 data available soon)

1 $12,760- $51,040
2 $17,240- $68,960
3 $21,720-$86,880
4 $26,200-$104,800
5 $30,680-$120,680

You can enroll in coverage directly through these websites, or locate an agent who can help you select the plan that’s best for you.


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