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Personal Colleagues

Stephanie Castillo Account Manager 406-327-6556
Michelle Clark Senior Account Manager 406-327-6446
Erika Close Sales Executive 406-327-6587
Jesse Corbett Sales Executive 406-532-5881
Kody Duckels Development Specialist 406-327-6542
Leah Hill Sales Executive 406-327-6420
Katy Hungerford Account Manager
Julie Maloney Sales Executive 406-327-6506
Justin Montelius Sales Executive 406-327-6591
Kelsy Ployhar Client Relations Director 406-327-6593
Lisa Sickles Development Specialist 406-532-5937
Stephanie Watts Account Manager 406-532-5934

Business Colleagues

Maria Alva Senior Account Manager 406-327-6598
Liz Bailey Account Manager
Erin Batt Account Manager 406-532-5912
Patrick Bauman Account Manager 406-532-5873
Mike Callaghan Sales Executive 406-327-6404
Jennifer Chabotte Account Associate
Mark Chelini Sales Executive 406-532-5913
Julie Collins Development Specialist 406-327-6435
Stacy Dougherty Senior Account Manager 406-327-6523
Julie Drenkhahn Account Associate 406-532-5847
Tina Estill Senior Account Manager 406-541-6951
Joan Fallgreen Senior Account Manager 406-532-5846
Casey Galloway Sales Executive 406-327-6561
Alysia Heisdorf Sales Executive 406-327-6401
John Hermes Sales Executive 406-327-6529
Mary Ann Hobbs Account Associate 406-327-6582
Matt Hobbs Sales Executive 406-532-5863
Kianna Holley Account Associate 406-327-6436
Katie Hutcheon Account Associate 406-532-5959
Candice Hyer Client Relations Associate Director 406-532-5851
Jackson King Account Manager 406-532-5914
Todd Koster Sales Executive 406-532-5919
Bre Loewen Development Specialist 406-327-5210
Sam McCamley Account Associate 406-327-6470
Lauren McDonald Development Specialist 406-327-6594
Dave Montelius Sales Executive 406-327-6430
Brandt Montelius Sales Executive 406-327-6418
Stephanie Moss Account Manager 406-327-6414
Dawn Normandeau Account Manager 406-541-6954
Nancy Ostbye Account Manager 406-541-6952
Chris Ostheimer Senior Support Specialist 406-532-5886
Colt Palmer Transportation Practice Sales Director 406-327-6541
Andy Resch Support Specialist
Abby Ritter Client Relations Associate Director 406-327-5212
Traci Ross Senior Account Manager 406-532-5841
Tory Rothgeb Account Associate 406-327-6440
Tex Seaton Sales Executive 406-532-5862
Josh Seaton Account Associate 406-327-6424
Mitch Stiltjes Account Associate 406-327-6441
Hannah Strong Account Associate 406-532-5921
Lindsey Talarico Account Manager 406-532-5925
Nicole Thao Project Manager 406-327-6439
Barbara Thayer Senior Support Specialist 406-327-6445
Crystal Turner Account Manager 406-327-5213
Chandler Wiese Account Associate 406-532-5792

Employee Health & Benefits Colleagues

Hayley Brager Senior Account Manager 406-532-5852
Becky Byrne Sales Executive 406-327-6423
Rhonda Callison Client Executive 406-327-6425
Dayna Christoffels Account Manager 406-532-5859
Amy Courser Senior Account Manager 406-532-5871
Amy DeMorett Account Manager
Tim Garden Sales Executive 406-327-6422
Brady Henthorn Sales Executive 406-203-2432
Morgan Hirschenberger Sales Executive 406-532-5844
Ashley Jones Development Specialist 406-532-5894
Shaun McChesney Succession Planning Advisor 406-327-6450
Stephanie Radke Client Manager 406-327-6489
Sarah Tarka Baer Client Relations Associate Director 406-532-5860
Beth Wardell Client Manager 406-327-6427

Surety Colleagues

Ed Heine Managing Director 406-532-5911
Tyler McIntyre Sales Executive 406-327-6580


Mary Angove Direct Bill Specialist 406-327-6536
Amber Bauer Controller 406-327-6429
Jena Bowman Human Resources Coordinator 406-327-6564
Nancy Clawson Administrative Associate 406-532-5939
Rod Corntassel Carrier Access Administrator 406-327-6473
Kristy Corntassel Placement Specialist 406-327-6433
Rochelle Dean Administrative Associate 406-532-5927
Chantay Dunton Agency Bill Specialist 406-532-5855
Phyllis Dunton Accounts Payable Specialist 406-327-6421
Nicole Field Software Engineer 406-327-6496
Delia Furrer Agency Bill Specialist 406-327-6406
Gabby Guse Account Receivable Specialist 406-327-6488
Heidi Hamilton Account Receivable Specialist 406-327-6539
Amanda Harbolt Direct Bill Specialist 406-532-5825
Matt Hettick Direct Bill Specialist 406-327-6527
Andy Hubing Facilities Management Specialist 406-327-6487
Travis Jette Software Engineer 406-327-6584
Rachelle Jette Assistant Controller 406-532-5891
Jaci Johnson Account Receivable Specialist 406-327-6431
Allison Johnston Chief Financial Officer 406-532-5878
Renee King Human Resources Director 406-327-6449
Cassie Kreis Help Desk Coordinator 406-327-5209
Kyle Lingscheit Chief Executive Officer 406-327-6442
Sara Metcalf Administrative Associate 406-327-6538
Taylor Montgomery Carrier Contract Administrator 406-327-5207
Jo Moquist Agency Bill Specialist 406-327-6497
Quinn Peacock Intern
Corrine Potter Accounts Payable Specialist 406-327-6493
Barb Roose Associate Director of Accounting 406-327-6444
Jeanna Tameler Direct Bill Specialist 406-327-6491
Paul Terrazas Senior Software Engineer 406-327-6503
Beverly Wise Accounts Payable Specialist 406-327-6443
Jean Zohner Administrative Associate 406-327-6461


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