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PayneWest Insurance Veterans

We’re proud to have colleagues who have formerly served in the military or have family who are actively serving. Here are some of their stories:


Nikole Wieweck

I was in the US Army – Active Duty from 1997 thru 2001, stationed mainly at Fort Drum, New York in the 10th Mountain Division.
My father served in the Navy, my grandfather in the Marines, an uncle in the Army and a cousin who is currently a Navy Seal. Like many Montanan’s, I have a family full of military service.
All I ever wanted to be as a child was a soldier. I enlisted with my parents approval when I was just a junior in high school… it’s the path my life was meant to take. Serving your country is the highest honor anyone can receive and I’m proud that I am forever a member of an outstanding group of individuals.


Brendan Riley

I had the privilege to serve as a United States Air Force medic during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006. Being able to provide direct care for injured troops who put their lives on the line for our country was an honor and a rewarding experience. I am forever humbled and inspired by all of our service members and am grateful to all that support them.


Ann Smith

I am a veteran of the US Air Force, serving a total of 8 years. I was an Air Traffic Control – Radar Approach Control & I worked in Airfield Management as well. I served in Biloxi, Mississippi and Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota. I loved serving my country and the only regret I have was getting out too soon. The lifelong friendships and memories are priceless.

Troy Kane

I served in the U.S. Coast Guard in Seattle, Washington – Pier 36.
Serving my country was a privilege. It gave me a deep appreciation for the freedoms we are provided as citizens of this great Republic. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for those who fought and died in service of the United States.


Nequia Hicks

I served in the US Air Force at Malmstrom Air Force Base, MT. Serving to me was legacy – my father proudly served as a US Marine Corp Drill Instructor.


Diana Deyo

My husband John was in the Air Force for 20 years. We have been stationed in Loring AFB, Maine, then Altus AFB, Oklahoma and finally here at Malmstrom AFB.
Serving his country is very important to John. Since high school that is what he wanted to do. He is currently retired and still working for the government as a civilian on Malmstrom, AFB for the Civil Engineering Squadron.
The military has taught us that family is not always blood. It has been an adventure that neither one of us would change. After 20 years in the military we have accumulated family all over the USA who we are still in contact with today.


Pete Hetherington

I served in the United States Air Force (1996-2000). I was stationed at McGuire AFB NJ, as a C-141 Loadmaster in the 13th and 6th Airlift Squadrons. Serving my country was an honor and will always be a point of great pride for me.






Sue Bynum

I originally joined the Air Force (’88 – ’93) to learn new skills and see the world, however it quickly became so much more. I was stationed in Aviano Air Base, Italy and Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro NC.
Serving our country was one of the greatest honors I have ever had. To become a part of a community that is so much bigger than all of us I quickly learned that my duty was to serve not because I can, I serve for those who can’t.


Jaci Kruse

This is one of my favorite pictures of my son and husband, both which served in the Marines. I think it is really good for us to bring recognition to the veterans working for PWI!





Brian Daubert

I served in the United States Navy, stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. It was my honor and privilege to serve my country, and I’m reminded of the Navy Motto: “Non sibi sed patriae.” Not self, but country.






Ruby Olson

Photo #1 is my son Thomas and his wife Laura. Thomas is currently in Georgia where he’s a drill instructor. Photo #2 is my son Mitch and his wife Samantha. Mitch served in the Army and I couldn’t be prouder of my two veterans!







Lindsey Brist

This is my husband Jo from his time in the Marine Corps. Just as much of a character as he ever was!






Jean Merkel

My Dad served in the Army Signal Corps.  He spent part of his WWII time stationed in Paris and lived in the base of the Eiffel Tower (now the gift shop) doing communications during the war.


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